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Turnkey Field Services
Solutions For Enterprise IT

For Enterprise IT organizations looking for an outsource partner to expand on, or improve international support service operations including supply chain management, order fulfillment & on-demand technical support services

Turnkey Field Service Solutions for Enterprise IT

Field Service Global serves Enterprise IT clients with a full host of services and global capabilities – these services can be used in conjunction with one another in order to create a total Turnkey Solution for your organization. Our Enterprise IT clients flexible, transparent, and high-quality support services. FSG provides Enterprise IT managers with the ability to perform the high quality technical services without the need for costly investments to infrastructure in regions where resources are costly to maintain. With a Turnkey Field Service solution from FSG – Enterprise IT organizations can achieve high quality & agile services throughout their entire IT Infrastructure from procurement & configuration to post deployment service support.

24/7 Command Center & Technical Helpdesk

Responsive & agile 24/7 Customer Service Helpdesk manages ticket case management and dispatching of both technical & logistics services globally. On Demand Smart Hands technicians are available in local regions to perform on-site tasks independently on in conjunction with Level 2 support techs.

Global Logistics & Export Compliance:

Complete “End to End” export and distribution services in 200+ countries. Customized customs brokerage, IOR representation, predictable delivery SLA and live tracking for over 400 cities.

Customs Brokerage
  • Importer of Records (IOR)
  • Local Freight & Proof of Delivery
  • Global Export
  • 600+ Forward Stocking Warehouses
  • VAT & Duties Payments
  • Export & Import Compliance
  • Replacement & Returns

Global Workforce On-Demand:

Enterprise organizations require an agile and adaptable workforce. This presents a challenge to almost all organizations which have a volatile demand pattern. FSG provides an ODOP (On-Demand, On-Premise) service model which gives access to high quality technicians in local regions around the world.

Global Dashboard: Process Management & Analytics

A Unified Portal creates a single-pane-of-glass experience for process management and valuable insights via analytics of processes. No more needing to orchestrate multiple vendors & human resources using separate tools and platforms for each. Instead – FSG offers a better approach to these common challenges facing datacenter infrastructure managers.

  • Command Center & Technical Helpdesk
  • Global Logistics & Export Compliance
  • Global Workforce On Demand
  • Process Analytics